Download the Lildafe app from App Store or Google Play and register yourself. Save your credit/debit cards and/or internet banking details along with the billing address. You will then be prompted to enter a password and a wallet PIN (WPIN). The WPIN shall be your gateway to access your card on your device to make payments. Once these steps are completed, just scan the QR Code and pay!

Currently, you can save MasterCard, VISA and debits cards issued in Malaysia in your Lildafe app. However, we are in the process of making this app more versatile and are hence in the process of adding more cards.

No. Once a card detail is entered and saved, it cannot be altered in the app. You always have the option of deleting a card and adding a new card.

Security is always our chief priority. Once a card is deleted, we remove all card details and retain only the non-confidential details for mapping your transactions.

Merchants registered with us can be identified by Lildafe stickers, which shows that you can make your payments there with your Lildafe app. Furthermore, we always endeavor to add more and more merchants to help you serve better.

At present, our services are available exclusively in Malaysia. Let us know which country you belong to and we shall be happy to serve you, as we are constantly looking forward to expanding our business globally.



Just sign up with Lildafe, enter your personal details, upload relevant documents and wait for our sales personnel to get in touch with you. Once that is done you shall become an esteemed merchant with Lildafe!

It usually takes T+2 days for the payment to be reflected in your bank account.

We value secure payments as much as you do. All payment receipts are completely safe. Your payment shall be received in your linked bank account and transaction details can be accessed only by both parties. It is also worthwhile to mention that all transactions are Shariah compliant.

Lildafe provides complete convenience in registering your franchises along with the added option of managing employees who have access to the merchant app.

The dashboard gives a complete list of transactions and analytical report on the performance of discounts and other offerings, loyal customers etc. You can even download the reports to facilitate Customer Relationship Management.

Definitely. We believe in progressing hand-in-hand with our customers. We are always open to suggestions from our customers as we believe that such feedbacks have a true potential in leading our growth, and boosting innovation and improvement.

  • Adult products and services which include sexually provocative materials (pornography, erotic literature etc.)
  • Human body parts or organs
  • Alcohol or any alcohol containing beverages (wine, champagne, beer etc.)
  • Device meant for receiving free cable and satellite signals (black boxes, cable descramblers)
  • Any material associated with child pornography
  • Devices meant for unlocking copyrights
  • Copyrighted software/video games and other protected or licensed materials
  • Copyrighted media comprising protected copies of books, movies, music etc.
  • Fraudulent and counterfeited goods such as imitations/replicas of designer items, fake stamps/autographs etc.
  • Drugs and drug accessories, illegal drugs, herbal medicines
  • Drug test bypassing aids such as urine test additives, drug cleansing shakes and the like
  • Endangered plants, animals, and other such exotic organisms
  • Lottery tickets, sports bets, and other such gaming/gambling items
  • Government IDs/documents including counterfeited passports, educational degrees etc.
  • Manuals, DIYs, information or equipment meant to facilitate hacking or cracking
  • Any such illegal goods that promote/enable illegal acts
  • Miracle healing aids/remedies etc. that are marketed as quick health fixes
  • Offensive goods/services that intend to 1) cause defamation to any individual/group on the basis of ethnicity, race, nationality etc. 2) Incite or promote violent deeds 3) Encourage animosity/violence
  • Prescribed/herbal drugs or any type of online pharmacies including medicines/products prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner
  • Any kind of hazardous/flammable/toxic/radioactive goods such as fireworks, chemicals etc.
  • Regulated substances such as mercury-containing batteries, airbags, Freon or other such refrigerants, chemical/industrial solvents, license plates, law enforcement badges, pesticides, recalled items and many other such goods which are regulated by the government
  • Online trading of stocks, bonds and/or other such financial products
  • Tobacco/cigarettes/cigars and the like
  • Traffic items such as radar detectors, jammers, license plate covers and the like
  • Weapons or ammunitions such as firearms, guns, knives, brass knuckles etc.
  • Wholesale currencies such as currency exchanges and/or discounted currencies
  • Live animals/birds
  • Manifold marketing collection fees
  • Businesses involved in matrix scheme model
  • Online earning/work-from-home information
  • Espionage cameras/surveillance items
  • Merchandise that is drop-shipped
  • Apart from the above-mentioned items, all other goods/services which are non-compliant with the federal/state/local or any international laws

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